Friday, 25 May 2018

Grade 3s Celebrate Africa Day

This past week has been Africa week and the Grade 3 girls have been involved in exploring all aspects of Africa in their various subjects.  This included gumboot dancing in Music, Zulu folktales, designing an African print mug in Computers and working out the perimeter of the African map in Maths.  The girls worked in pairs on an iPad project to produce an amazing poster of something famous in Africa.  

The week culminated in celebrating Africa Day on 25 May, by dressing up, producing gorgeous dancing ladies during their Art lesson and having an African feast for lunch.  The feast of braaied wors, pap, samp and beans, stokbrood and dried Mopani worms resulted in much enjoyment for all
The Grade 3s certainly all ended the week feeling proud to be Africans together.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Senior School Sport Results - Term 2 - Week 5

KZN Marathon Canoe Champs
Georgie Howard  2nd in U16 K1, 1st U16 K2 race with her partner
Laila Maher  3rd U16 K2 race with her partner

at Midmar
Georgia Dungan  3rd in U14/15 

Sanesa Q3 at Galloping Winds
Isabella de Billot on Davenport Rasputin
1st round  -  3rd place out of 17 riders
2nd round  -  2nd place out of 18 riders
Diya Singh on Phoenix Cezanne
1st round  -  5th out of 18 riders
2nd round  -  9th out of 18 riders

Inter-schools Show jumping
TWC had 7 riders in their Individual Events and the Team Show Jumping
Team A
Gia Byren
Robin Martin
Emma Anderson
Diya Singh
Team B
Jade Martin
Isabella de Billot
Tyla Farina
TWC Team for The Parade
Kristen Cameron on Turbo
Robin Martin on Optimistic
Diya Singh on Cezanne
Jade Martin on Cooey
Isabella de Billot on Rasputin
Team Show Jumping
Gia Byren on Lilly
Robin Martin on Optimistic
Diya Singh on Cezanne
Isabella de Billot on Rasputin

TWC was placed 4th out of 15 Schools

Hayley Conway came 3rd in the KZN leg of the Dressage Challenge


vs Voortrekker
1st Team  won 3-0
2nd Team  won 3-0

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected for KZN Inland Hockey Teams 2018
U18 A  Julia Lawrie
U18 B  Sigrid Aadnesgaard
U18 B  Brogan Mitchell-Innes
U16 A  Jessica Behrens
U16 A  Jillian Ellis
U16 B  Claire Thomson
U16 B  Lauren Hanbury-King
U14 A  Tiffany Behrens

vs GHS
1st Team  won 40-19
2nd Team  won 14-12
U16 A  lost 10-15
U16 B  lost 4-9
U15 A  won 19-6
U15 B  lost 6-8
U14 A  lost 11-16
U14 B  lost 9-13

Congratulations to the following girls who have been selected for the KZN Teams
U19  Sarah Bonsma
U14  Isabella Uys
U14  Savannah Ingledew

at Hilton
Paige Mackenzie was placed 2nd in the Women’s category in the 13km trail run

Equestrian photographs by Equerry Photography