Monday, 11 September 2017

Grade 9's present program "Exploring Mathematics"

On Wednesday evening 6th September 2017 girls from Grade 9 Mathematics presented a program entitled Exploring Mathematics. Twelve girls were involved in the presentations and they must be congratulated on the standard of their work and the manner in which they were able to explain some really quite complex mathematics. Each group used a power point and these had been beautifully constructed and designed. Girls were involved in the welcome and concluding thanks, as well as in the design of the program cover.

The evening was attended by a groups from Hilton College and from Russell High School, and there were a number of parents present. A feature of the evening was the obvious enjoyment from the presenters, and the way this spilt over into the audience, as seen by their participation. Having undertaken some tricky topics, the girls did very well and clearly understood, and were comfortable with, the material they presented.

The evening was a credit to our girls and a showcase of their confidence and ability in a somewhat new and strange setting. There is no doubt this will benefit them in their future endeavours in this subject.

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